our core team

Audit Team

In our Audit Team, 10 Chartered Accountants leading the Statutory Audits of  One Person Companies, Private Limited Companies, Limited companies, Nidhi Companies and Section 8 Companies.

Our 5 Chartered Accountants handles internal audit of Private Limited & Limited Companies.

5 Chartered Accountants deals in the matters of IND As , IFRS and Financial Reporting Standards.


Secretarial Team

More Than 10 Companies Secretaries and 2 Lawyers works in the Secretarial Compliance's. They handles Secretarial Compliance's of One Person Companies, Private Limited Companies, Limited Companies, Nidhi Companies & Section 8 Companies.

They have also a rich experience in the field of Secretarial Audits, IPO, Listing of Securities, FEMA Compliance's and SEBI matters also.

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Taxation Team

In Our Taxation Team , 3 Chartered Accountants handles the cases of Income Tax & GST Appeals and assessments cases.

More than 9 Chartered Accountants provides the consultancy in the filed of Direct & Indirect Taxation i.e. Tax Planning, Tax Management, Transfer Pricing, Tax Audit, GST Advisory & Implementation.


Marketing Team

Our 8 Senior Marketing Colleagues represent our company. Generate our sales revenues and gives the proper knowledge of annual compliance's , taxation matters and start up schemes to clients.

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