Annual Secretarial Compliance's

Annual Secretarial Compliance's

a). Preparation & Filing of Form ADT-01 (Auditor Appointment).

b). Preparation & Filing of Form INC - 20A (Commencement of Business & Proof of Deposit of Paid Up Capital).

c). Issue of Share Certificates (for all Shareholders)

d). Preparation of Notice and minutes of Board Meetings, Annual General Meeting & Extra Ordinary General Meeting.

e). Preparation & Filing of Form AOC 04 (Financials Related Annual Return).

f). Preparation & Filing of Form MGT 07 (Management Related Annual Return).

g). Mandatory Secretarial Compliance by Company Secretary (Certificate of Practice Holder).

h). Preparation of required Statutory Registers.

i). Preparation of MPB-01 (Disclosure of Interest by Directors).

g). Preparation of DIR - 08 (Disclosure of Non-Disqualification by Directors).

Annual Statutory Compliance's

a). Preparation of Balance Sheet and P & L Accounts

b). Preparation of Audit Report, Director's Report & Extract of Annual Returns.

c). Complete Financial Advisory under Indian GAAP, UK GAAP & US GAAP

d). Company audit under the Companies Act,2013

e). Filing of Income Tax Returns (Company)as per Income Tax Act,1961

f). Filing of Income Tax Returns (For All Directors) as per Income Tax Act,1961.

g). Mandatory Income Tax Audit (If Turnover is More Than 1 Crore) under section 44AB of Income Tax Act,1961.

h). Preparation and Filing for 4 Quarterly TDS Returns.

Additional Service's

a). PowerPoint Presentation for Tax Planning for Companies and Individual and Start-up Consultancy.

b). Compliance Calendar to every client to keep the work in coming months.

c). Formats of different documents (GST Invoices, Offer Letter, Promotion Letter Etc.)

d). Dedicated Chartered Accountant & Company Secretary

e). Client Dashboard Portal.

f). Accounting Software.

g). Financial and Tax guidance from Qualified Chartered Accountants and Companies Secretaries.

h) Monthly news letter on various topics.